Corn Markets Re-Adjusting After Bigger than Expected Crop Forecast

What might have been a bit of a price hike for corn this marketing year seems to have been squashed by the larger than expected production forecast.  Gary Crawford and Seth Meyer.

Seth Meyer, USDA Outlook Board Chairman, saying USDA’s forecast for a record national average corn yield was made despite the fact that yields in some major corn states did not set records.

USDA Forecasts Surprises Some Analysts

USDA’s new corn production forecast was a bit of a surprise to many traders who didn’t expect such a big change from USDA’s previous forecast in October.
USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson talking about the latest forecasts for soybeans.
The cotton forecast is up. Gary Crawford and Rob Johansson with highlights of the latest USDA forecasts.

Some Surprises in USDA’s Grain Stocks Report

It looks like we will begin the new marketing year with smaller than expected stocks of old crop corn and soybeans. Gary Crawford and Warren Preston.
Wheat traders may have been surprised at USDA’s new estimate of spring wheat production.  Warren Preston, USDA Deputy Chief Economist, talking about the gap between winter wheat planted acres (37.7 million) and harvested acres (25.2 million).

Russian Wheat Production Record-U.S. Prices Headline USDA Wheat Outlook

The latest USDA estimates for wheat include an even bigger record crop in Russia and a change in the U.S. price forecast.
And more corn production and impacts on U.S. balance sheets.  A larger than expected production estimate for U.S. corn is not even the biggest adjustment on a global scale. Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Seth Meyer.

USDA Raises Production Estimates for Corn, Soybeans & Cotton

Here’s a quick look at Tuesday’s round of USDA crop reports with Gary Crawford.
How did the September crop production and yield numbers from USDA compare to what industry analysts were forecasting?  Rod Bain and Chief Economist Rob Johansson.

Surprisingly Bearish USDA August Crop Report

The markets got some surprises from Thursday’s round of USDA crop production reports.  USDA’s corn yield and production forecast surprised some people.  Corn futures tumbled Thursday afternoon after release of USDA’s first survey based forecasts.

USDA Issues New Wheat Yield and Production Forecasts, cutting yield estimates for Durum and other spring wheat.

USDA Raises Forecast for U.S. Cotton Production.  The U.S. cotton crop could be the biggest one in eleven years. Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson.

USDA Acreage and Stocks Reports Provide Few Surprises

Corn Acreage Larger than Many Had Expected.  USDA’s number for acres planted to corn was higher than many had expected.
Wheat Plantings a Bit Lower than Expected.  Low wheat prices are forcing more wheat producers to cut back on wheat and plant more corn and soybeans.   Traditional wheat states making big shifts to corn and soybeans.   USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson saying he’s surprised at how big the shift from wheat to other crops has been in traditional wheat growing states.