Seasonal Crop Insurance Deadlines Are Fast Approaching

If you are considering purchasing crop insurance, the spring deadlines are coming up, so make sure you talk to your crop insurance agent now. Most sale closing dates are 2/28 and 3/15 for crop insurance.  Stephanie Ho and Rob Johansson, Acting Deputy Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation.

Federal Spending Bill Has Major Change for Cotton & Dairy Producers

Cotton farmers wanted it. The new spending bill has it. Gary Crawford, former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson.
Some dairy producers and lawmakers have been asking for changes in the dairy Margin Protection Program and the new federal spending bill has some changes. Gary Crawford and Rob Johansson.
New Federal Spending Bill Makes Changes to Cotton and Dairy Safety Net Programs.

Land Grant Universities Role in Ag Biodefense

Protecting American Agriculture in this interconnected world from biothreats ranging from invasive disease and pests to biological terror agents is one role of the nation’s land grant universities.  Rod Bain, Kansas State University President Richard Myers, Michigan State University professor Ray Hammerschmidt, North Carolina State Veterinarian Doug Meckes.

Demand for USDA Farm Loans Down Slightly

USDA officials say that the demand by farmers for USDA loans seems to be down a bit from the record levels of 2016. Gary Crawford and Jim Radintz.

If you are a first time or current USDA farm loan borrower, you now have two guides to help you navigate the Farm Service Agency farm loan system. Gary Crawford and Jim Radintz.