Do Holidays Stress You Out?

Are the holidays stressing you out? One expert says some of that stress is self-produced and could be reduced. Tips 0n stress reduction including a tech-fast.  Gary Crawford, Dr. Jim Bates – Ohio State Extension Family Wellness Expert. Also Ellen Degeneres.

2018 Renewable Fuels Standard Revealed

What are some of the details, and reactions, related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuels Standard for next year? Rod Bain, biofuels producer Matt Merritt of POET, Robert White of the Renewable Fuels Association.

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says he is pleased with the EPA’s release of the final 2018 Renewable Volume Obligation under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

New USDA 2018 Agricultural Export Trade Forecast

USDA’s new agricultural export forecast for this 2018 fiscal year has exports below 2017. Gary Crawford with more.   Warren Preston, USDA Deputy Chief Economist, with some key numbers in USDA’s new fiscal year 2018 trade and the new USDA FY2018 export forecast for soybeans.

Partnership To Provide Crop Insurance

USDA and the crop insurance industry work together in offering various farm safety net products, like those created through the previous Farm Bill, and those being developed in the next one.  Rod Bain and Tom Zacharias of National Crop Insurance Services.

Open Weather Impacts Nationwide

How are warm, dry weather patterns over much of the country impacting final harvest work and soil moisture?
 8 to 14 Day Ag Weather Outlook:  USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, notes cooler temperatures in parts of the country, and increased precipitation in much of the nation for the period of December 5 – 11.

CA Vineyard Region–Mounting Citizen Evidence of Man-Made Fires

Dr. Leuren Moret, geoscientist researcher, provides an update on what some suggest are man-made fires surrounding the California Wine Country and beyond.

90% of the Napa/Sonoma/Santa Rosa California fires are out, but 10% are still burning. There has been a catastrophic loss of grapes and vintage. It will take a long time to recover from these man-made disastrous fires.

Not only were lasers and microwave military technologies used (and filmed) to ignite houses and trees from the inside out, but the same exact technologies were documented in Portugal vineyard fires less than a year ago, in Chile in January 2017, and probably Spain 2 years ago.  Mounting citizen evidence videotaping the fires burning has been presented, as well as statements of firefighters and emergency responders, stating that the fires were ignited by directed energy from either helicopters or from space.

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announced that owners of damaged houses and property will not be allowed to remove the cement foundations or rebuild.  USACE would be the only agency with authorization to remove cement foundations of fire-damaged houses.