Since 1966, Listeners have depended on Bill Ray, AGRINET® NEWS, for the latest national and international agricultural news, CME and state commodity market news and weather. AGRINET® is your one-stop for national agricultural news information. Bill Ray, host of AGRINET® NEWS, has served the broadcast community daily since 1966, with insightful national and international agricultural news, politics, trade and analysis. Bill informs producers, agribusiness, supporting allied industry and food consumers before the curve, not after. Proactive and reactive, Bill delivers the facts around today’s issues.

“Breaking Agriculture News as it happens, nationally and internationally, that’s my beat. My job is informing producers, agribusiness and consumers before the curve, not after. Many issues face our Nation that will affect us for decades to come – world trade, regional and bilateral trade issues, food security, ag politics, chasing infectious greed and making the right decisions, but first the facts, that’s my mission every day.”

Throughout his career, Bill has provided the broadcast industry with national and international agricultural trade news coverage. Bill has been involved abroad in U. S. commodity trade coverage long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, on up through the Uruguay Rounds (GATT), Geneva through the WTO Ministerial Conferences (Doha). Bill stays current on U. S. Trade policy and issues and provides daily analysis of Ag news affecting producers’ profitability. He asks important questions that have impact for U. S. producers and agricultural companies. Bill’s mission daily is to tell producers and stakeholders what they don’t know about what’s happening in agriculture.

AGRINET® + INNOVATION: AGRINET® was the first connected agricultural network, the first commercial Ag network on satellite and first to use Internet delivery. In 1998, AGRINET® was one of the first to produce news on the worldwide web. Today AGRINET® NEWS is broadcast on stations coast-to-coast and some of his reports are re-broadcast around the world.

Bill began broadcasting after asking his hometown station, WINA-AM Charlottesville Broadcasting, to provide producers news and market information. He was running his family livestock operation then. In addition to producing AGRINET® NEWS, Bill is managing his Angus cattle operation today.

Since 1966, AGRINET® NEWS… “Checking the Pulse of Agriculture.”